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How to Know When You Need Therapy

A non-professional's take on knowing when to reach out for help.

You might want to consider finding a licensed counselor if:

  • You had a childhood

  • You were raised by humans

  • You were raised by monsters

  • You were bullied (or are currently being bullied; it still happens to adults)

  • When speaking to people, you tend to suck all the air out of the room

  • Unhealed trauma comes up every time you are around people

  • You can't stop talking about things that happened more than a year ago

  • You think therapy is for crazy people (we’re all crazy here)

  • Every time there is a loud noise, you jump

  • The worst-case scenario is your go-to in every situation

  • You believe the problem can’t be you; everyone else is at fault

  • You have strong feelings that seem to come out of nowhere (anger, jealousy, euphoria, loneliness, etc.)

  • Everything is about you

  • Nothing is about you

  • Someone you respect outright suggests you go to therapy

  • You went to therapy but didn’t get anything out of it

  • You feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest

  • Nobody you interact with on a daily basis knows what really goes on in your head

  • Things that used to bring you joy no longer do

  • You need honest feedback from a third-party observer

  • You numb your pain to the point that you can't feel anything anymore

  • Patterns keep repeating and you don't know how to stop them

  • Unhelpful thoughts dominate your consciousness

  • Everything feels personal

  • Nothing feels real

  • Everything feels too real

  • You exist in extremes

  • Your triggers are trying to tell you something, but you don't know what


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